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Hello! I'm Mark!

I'm a multidisciplinary creative from the Philippines, now based in Berlin. For over a decade, I've primarily worked as an illustrator but have also explored graphic design, motion design, UX design, and photography. I love pushing my creativity, and my work across all disciplines is driven by a desire to make a positive impact. I've collaborated with small businesses and enterprises on projects of various scales and complexities.

When I'm not working, I tend to my plants, play with my cats, raid flea markets, and consume media. I believe having a life outside of work is crucial to staying inspired, creative, and energized.

I illustrate and design a variety of things, from banners and posters to editorial spreads. With over a decade of experience, I've built a strong reputation in the field.

what i do

I take beautiful photos that tell a story, focusing on fashion, portraiture, and documentary. I aim to present the world from a new perspective.

I design digital products, including mobile apps, to solve real-life problems and create positive user experiences.

“His illustrations strike a perfect balance between art and design, working with vibrant colors, geometric shapes and a strong creative appeal. All elements seem to contribute to Mark's work becoming sensational to the eye.”

Inspi Brazil

what they say about me

“Simplicity is a key element in both Mark’s visual style and process. From the solid shapes in his illustrations to the techniques he uses for creating them, Blok keeps it simple, resulting in bold, eye-catching, and distinctive work.”

Ape on the Moon

“Mark was phenomenal throughout his time with us. He immediately brought impact to our projects with his ability to understand requirements and execute them both quickly and professionally.”

Healy World

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